Outdoor Living Services in Flower Mound, Texas

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At Ortus Exteriors in Flower Mound, Texas, our construction workers provide professional services for all of your outdoor living space projects, including installing outdoor fireplaces and water features. With decades of experience, our construction contractors in Flower Mound, Texas are extremely knowledgeable and design creative plans according to your specifications. Projects like barbecue islands and outdoor kitchens are executed with years of industry expertise and sharp attention to detail for high-quality finished work. All our services in Flower Mound, Texas are top of the line, custom-designed, and built so that your vision comes to life. From outdoor kitchen design to custom-designed fireplaces and water features, we can help you to enhance your backyard and other outdoor spaces with beautiful and functional custom options. Our team in Flower Mound, Texas will design and build your own custom outdoor kitchen or BBQ island, both of which are practical features that your family can enjoy. An outdoor kitchen in Flower Mound, Texas allows you to entertain and cook delicious meals in a personalized environment that can include stone countertops, a refrigerator, an outdoor sink, and many other options. Ortus Exteriors in Flower Mound, Texas offers a variety of services to homeowners including patios, porches, kitchens, and custom installations. Give our team a call today for more information!

Exterior Remodeling Outdoor Living Custom Pools and Spas Services in Flower Mound, Texas


Exterior Remodeling Services in Flower Mound, Texas

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An outdoor kitchen remodel can increase your Flower Mound, Texas home’s resale value. Get year-round enjoyment out of your outdoor space with the relaxing trickle of a water feature and the warm glow of a fireplace or fire pit. We offer custom-designed cascading waterfalls, gazebos, porches, kitchens, and arbors to add tranquility to your landscape design within Flower Mound, Texas. Building an outdoor fireplace is convenient for you as we match the design and construction to your exact specifications. Whether you need to remodel your existing patio, or you’ve decided to install a customized patio in your Flower Mound, Texas backyard, our team designs and builds them with the features and dimensions you want. We’ll work with you to figure out the size you need and the materials you desire. You can choose from flagstone, pavers, and various types of concrete to fit your aesthetic taste. We have in-depth expertise in all aspects of outdoor patio design and construction, including design flow, beauty, safety, and its impact on your Flower Mound, Texas home’s value. Our team in Flower Mound, Texas offers all the services you need to make your vision a reality, including water features, patios, fireplaces, and a variety of shade structures.

Custom Pools and Spas in Flower Mound, Texas

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Every pool and spa the team at Ortus Exteriors in Flower Mound, Texas constructs is inspected and designed carefully to match our rigid specifications that are budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. We are recognized as one of the premier Flower Mound, Texas swimming pool and spa contractors with the finest design, installation, construction, and customization team at your service. We are known for building superior quality residential or commercial pools and spas complemented by an array of backyard living creations. The pools that Ortus Exteriors in Flower Mound, Texas produces are classic and timeless designed for fun, relaxation, and entertainment. Our team is dedicated to designing and installing custom pools and spas that transform your backyard into your own personal retreat. We are committed to total customer satisfaction, from design through every step of the construction process. Many of Flower Mound, Texas’s largest homes choose Ortus Exteriors for their pools and spa creations due to our quality, service, and on-time construction. As a result, more new home builders in Flower Mound, Texas choose our team to design and construct their dream backyard oasis. Contact us to arrange an appointment and inspection of what you desire in your Flower Mound, Texas home's backyard today!

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