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"We bring your visions for the perfect outdoor oasis to life with our unique designs and 3D renderings. Let us work with you to create your ideal home."

Outdoor Living
New Builds | Property Additions | Custom Construction

Our new construction services for exteriors include installations, new builds, repairs, replacements, upgrades, and outdoor living spaces such as porches, patios, and/or kitchens. Please feel free to contact our in-house outdoor living specialists at your earliest convenience for scheduling & availability, service-pricing, or to pose further questions.

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Exterior Remodeling
Patios | Porches | Kitchens | Gazebos | Cabanas | Pools | Arbors

We offer full and partial remodeling services for your outdoor oasis! From pool remodeling to full backyard remodeling, we’ve got you covered! We offer client-specific designs for exterior elements (such as pools, patios, porches, or kitchens) that tie in the layout of your home while matching your preferences. Ortus Exteriors' designers and masons will create an environment that will allow you to enjoy a "staycation" any day of the week.

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Custom Pools & Spas
Design | Installation | Construction | Customization

Enjoy your pool even more with a relaxing heated and jetted spa that integrates perfectly into your existing structure and landscaping. We use only the highest quality products and equipment in order to economize energy and resources for your new spa. Upgrade your backyard with a customized pool design that fits your land, house, and style.

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Complete Coverage For Your Outdoor Living Spaces

As many of our fellow Texas residents will attest to, the exterior of your property is largely responsible for the first and last impression a guest is greeted with when they visit your home. Whether it's an immaculately manicured lawn, resplendent with colorful flowers and a vibrant lawn that is sure or a sprawling patio bedecked with comfortable seating and a full-service outdoor kitchen, the options for leaving a lasting positive impression are limited to the imagination of the homeowner and efficacy of their contractor.

Here's How We Can Enhance Your Exterior

During our storied tenure as one of the local authorities for exterior/outdoor-related services (such as exterior remodeling or outdoor renovations) here in Texas, we've had many opportunities to work with many different customers and homeowners on a wealth of improvement-oriented projects for their home's exterior features. We've embraced that the exterior elements and the outdoor amenities play a very significant role in not only how the property is received but also how it is valued overall; both aesthetically and monetarily.

A homeowner's property (and by default, their property's exterior) is generally an extension of the owner themself and largely reflects their tastes, preferences, and particulars. When endeavoring to improve certain aspects of their property's exterior, it can be a challenge to incorporate every detail or addition without impeding the project's progress or overlooking pertinent information for many local property owners. In light of that, we are proud to be a local resource for homeowners seeking to revamp, revitalize, or reinvigorate their property's exterior elements, outdoor amenities, and outside features. Being that local exterior-service resource often entails many different capacities/roles that we are tasked with fulfilling that typically includes: outdoor kitchens, exterior new construction/remodeling, patios, porches, gazebos, pergolas, swimming pools, pavers, and landscaping-based services.

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