Exterior Remodeling Services

Our company, Ortus Exteriors, proudly maintains its position as one of Texas' professional contracting companies that specializes in exterior coverage through our commitment to quality and penchant for proficiency. With an array of exterior remodeling services available, any dream outdoor living area is possible with Ortus Exteriors at the helm of your project! We conveniently offer swimming pool and spa remodeling services, outdoor living space remodeling services, design and layout services, hardscape and landscape remodeling services, patio remodeling, and [re]paving services to name but a few. Working in tandem, communicating after each milestone, and offering insightful advice regarding (additional) outdoor remodeling options for your home's exterior notwithstanding; our team of specialists really can make the difference during the entire revival process of your property's exterior. We treat each exterior/outdoor remodeling project as solely unique and the results of such a specified approach towards affecting our exterior remodeling coverage is often one of complete customer satisfaction, repeat business, and loyalty that spans a lifetime.

Exterior Remodeling Services Include:

✓ Swimming Pool Remodeling

✓ [Re]Paving Services (Belgard)

✓ Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling

✓ Porch Remodeling

✓ Spa/Jacuzzi Remodeling

✓ Hardscape Remodeling

✓ Outdoor Seating Remodeling

✓ Outdoor Living Space Remodeling

✓ Outdoor Fire Pits Remodeling

✓ Outdoor Fireplaces Remodeling

✓ Landscape Remodeling

✓ Outdoor Entertainment Remodeling

✓ Balcony Remodeling

✓ Cabana Remodeling

✓ Patio Remodeling

✓ Arbor Remodeling

✓ Pergola Remodeling

✓ Softscape Remodeling

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